Supporting the Elderly with Care and Compassion

Guardian Support Services, Inc. (GSS) was established in 2006 with the assistance of the Stark County Probate Court to meet the growing need for guardians in the community to serve elderly citizens of Stark County who,  due to dementia or other disability, are unable to make decisions on their own The Court reported that in many cases there were no friends or family members willing to serve as decision makers.  GSS was created to recruit, train and support volunteers who were willing to serve and assist with making healthcare decisions. Where there are friends or family willing to serve, GSS assists with the guardianship by representing the guardian in Court and providing support throughout the guardianship.

The need for volunteer guardians has grown and will continue to grow every year. GSS will work to provide support and guardianship for those incompetent and disabled adults in Stark County.

Mission Statement

Due to the growing needs of the elderly and disabled in the community, the purpose and mission of this corporation is to assist with the provision and/or coordination of guardianship and case management services for those indigent persons subjected to or in need of a guardianship.

GSS will continue to recruit and train volunteers and to provide information to any friends and family considering guardianship for a loved one.

Please feel free to contact GSS with any questions at 330-437-3720. We look forward to assisting you.

Board of Directors

Daniel R. Griffith
Dr. M. Dana Gammill
Connie Calhoun
Phyllis Mussina
Jacqueline Mahland
John Frank
Senior Advisor and Member
Sheila Campbell
Cathy A. Pastore
Executive Director
Phone: 330-437-3720