“We just enjoy going – just to see that brightness in their eyes when they see us walk in the door.” – bb, Volunteer Guardian.

 “Every visit that I make is a memorable moment to me.” – gg, Volunteer Guardian

Make a Difference in Your Community!

Welcome to Guardian Support Services. We provide volunteer opportunities in Stark County. You can change a life today, by becoming a friend and guardian for an elderly person who resides in a Stark County care facility and who is indigent and alone.
Gain the satisfaction of knowing you are helping others.
Being a Guardian for the Elderly in Stark County has brought a new light to my life. It is a proven fact that those who volunteer are happier and live a more fulfilling life. Having Mary and Anna in my life is like having two new friends to experience a new beginning with and hopefully what will become a lifelong friendship.
– mm, Volunteer Guardian
What I get out of volunteering is just a feeling of satisfaction that I've done something good for somebody. I hope that if I'm ever in their shoes one day that somebody would come and be a friend to me ... and be a guardian to me if I needed one.
– Volunteer Guardian
We probably get more out of this than what the wards do. Because we go interact with them and see their responses...and we leave with a wonderful feeling and know that we've done something good.
– dr & jr, Volunteer Guardians
One of my most important relationships is with my ward, Mary. I've been with her for 3 years now and she is like a grandmother to me. I visit her monthly and when she's willing, I take her out. She's come for Christmas and last Easter she spent with me and my family at my house. It has strengthened my life and strengthened my family. My family is involved and they ask how Mary's doing. All my friends know about her. They know about our special relationship. I love my Mary. I love her.
– mm, Volunteer Guardian
We just enjoy going - just to see that brightness in their eyes when they see us walk in the door.
– bb, Volunteer Guardian
Every visit that I make is a memorable moment to me.
– gg, Volunteer Guardian
Debra was so pleasant and so very polite to everyone in the store! She tried on a million different things and had a ball! We marked all of her new items with her name. Together we got rid of old items to make room for the new. We had a great day!
– Volunteer Guardian
I took Helen an Easter basket filled with bath items today. I opened them so she could smell them and she enjoyed that. She was smiling and talking today.
– Volunteer Guardian

Our Mission

Due to the growing needs of the elderly and disabled in the community, the purpose and mission of this corporation is to assist with the provision and/or coordination of guardianship for those indigent persons subjected to or in need of guardianship.
Interested in learning more about becoming a volunteer guardian? Read our FAQ’s.
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